When you have hardwood floors that are exposed to moisture, dirt, and salt tracked in from the parking lot, you have to expect that at some point, major maintenance will be required. Our floors were installed in 2004 when the building was under construction. Now is the time to repair the floors. We are planning to replace about 500 square feet of floor near the entrance and do a major cleaning and refinishing of 3,500 square feet of floor further back from the door. We will start the work late in February and will have to be closed for a few days during the early parts of the repairs. Then, we will continue work in ways that just restrict our ability to use the entire space. Watch our website and Facebook for details on closing dates, changes to the location of the entrance to the Winery and Tasting Room, and other changes while the repairs are being made.

The main entrance to the Winey and Tasting Room will be closed from March 22–March 29. The temporary entrance will be to the right of the front door through the door to the greenhouse between the white kitchen building and the tall grapevine trellis.

There will not be access to the long Tasting Bar, but wine tasting will be available in the Tasting Room.

The Winery will be closed Sunday, March 29, through Wednesday, April 1, and we plan to reopen at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 2.