The 2021 Iowa Nouveau is now available at some of our 400 retailers in Iowa.

Iowa Nouveau is the perfect wine for Thanksgiving dinners. It is dry enough to appeal to dry wine lovers yet fruity enough to appeal to sweet wine lovers. In other words, it is a compromise wine that will please everyone around the Thanksgiving table. It will not overpower the turkey or mashed potatoes and it will complement the dressing while struggling a bit with the cranberry ring and green bean casserole (as all wines do).

But, Iowa Nouveau is not a one-trick pony because it will complement other foods as well. One very successful pairing is with a tomato-based vegetable soup made with a hint of spice. The very fruity wine complements the spice in the soup. Another good pairing is an informal meal of French Dip sandwiches. And finally, Boeuf Bourguigon (Burgundy Beef) is an elegant stew that is very seasonal and is a great complement to Iowa Nouveau.

Iowa Nouveau is best served slightly chilled.

Pick up a couple of bottles of Tassel Ridge 2021 Iowa Nouveau at your favorite retailer today. If the store does not offer Iowa Nouveau, ask the manager to get it for you.