Tassel Ridge® Winery has organized a wine and chocolate pairing kit ready to ship to you at home or work (or you can pick one up at the Winery) that makes it easy to pair Tassel Ridge wines with four different chocolates. The kit contains:

  • One bottle each of American Steuben, Oskyfizzante® Pink, 2019 Iowa Marquette, and Robert Duncan® Iowa Ruby Reserve
  • Ten each of four Chocolaterie Stam chocolate disks: white, milk, dark, and extra dark chocolate
  • Four Tassel Ridge monogrammed tasting glasses
  • Ten Tassel Ridge wine and chocolate pairing table mats

Slightly chill all of the wines except the 2019 Iowa Marquette.  Pour about one ounce of each of the wines into the glasses. Pair the wines with the chocolates below:

  • American Steuben with white chocolate
  • Oskyfizzante Pink with milk chocolate
  • 2019 Iowa Marquette with dark chocolate
  • Robert Duncan Iowa Ruby Reserve with extra dark chocolate

Taste a little of the wine before tasting the chocolate, then try the chocolate, and taste the wine again to see the difference that the chocolate makes to the taste of the wine.

Price is $105 + shipping ($95 + shipping for Harvest Club Members).

Call the Winery at 641.672.WINE (9463) to order your Wine & Chocolate Tasting Kit.

Pick it up at the Winery, or we can ship it directly to you in Iowa, Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, and Texas. Adult signature required for receipt of wine.