Wine gifts from Tassel Ridge Winery are Simply Extraordinary®!

An Iowa wine from Tassel Ridge Winery makes a perfect holiday gift for a friend, colleague, or host/hostess. Red, White, & Blue® is very popular among sweet wine lovers, while dry wine fans love our 2019 Iowa Marquette or Iowa In the Dark dry red wines. For people who prefer white wine, we offer our award-winning Iowa Candleglow® White and our Iowa La Crescent.

Tassel Ridge wines are available at the Winery and at some of our 400 retailers in Iowa. If you don’t see Red, White, & Blue, 2019 Iowa Marquette, Iowa In the Dark, Iowa Candleglow White or Iowa La Crescent at your favorite store, ask the manager to get them for you, or we can ship them directly to you in Iowa, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, and DC.