With nine acres of Marquette in Meadowcreek West and South, we know that these vineyard blocks are going to take a lot of time to prune. But, we made really great progress last week.

This week, we’ll be battling rain forecasts so we’ll have to see what more we can get done. The first priority will be the eight rows of Marquette that we are converting over from a vertical shoot positioning (VSP) to a high wire trellis system. Then, we will prune the Frontenac in Meadowcreek East. We will run the mechanical pruner if the weather permits. Finally, we are cutting off the trunks at the ground of some of the LaCrosse at Newport Lane and about 250 Edelweiss vines just east of the Winery parking lot. We will train the LaCrosse suckers that came up last season. In the Edelweiss, we’ll have to wait for the suckers to appear in May and June to start training them up.