We are still working on hand pruning Edelweiss, Brianna, and Petite Pearl at Tassel Ridge.

With 17 acres of Edelweiss vines, our Edelweiss blocks at Tassel Ridge are huge and they take a long time to hand prune. As soon as we finish the Edelweiss, we will prune the neighboring blocks of Brianna and Petite Pearl.

The long cold spring has left our vines not sure if spring and summer are coming. The sap is flowing and we see that when we prune. But while buds have formed, they are small and at least 3–4 weeks from breaking. While that puts the vines about 3 weeks behind last year, it isn’t all bad because it means that unless we have a very late hard frost, we probably won’t have any frost damage this year.

When weather permits, we will mechanically prune the Maple Woods Vineyard and we will spray Sulfur on all of our vineyards.