Regardless of whether you are giving a gift to a friend, loved one, colleague, or hostess, a bottle of Iowa wine from Tassel Ridge Winery will be a welcome gift.

Our very popular Red, White, & Blue® is now available in both bottles and cans. Star Spangled White® is a white wine and our Blackberry Wine is a great wine to sip and savor. All of these wines are very sweet.

We offer eight different pink wines including Steuben which complement spicy foods.

Our dry red wines include the new Iowa Petite Pearl, the 2020 Iowa Reserve Marquette, and Iowa In the Dark.

And, our dessert wines including the 2012 Iowa Finalé Tawny, the Robert Duncan® 2018 Iowa Ruby Reserve, and our Finalé Iowa Red are all excellent wines to conclude with a festive holiday dinner.