Sweethearts Rosé

I’ll share a couple of ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts. The first is Sweethearts Rosé in the heart-shaped bottle. While perfect for Valentine’s Day gift giving, it is also perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. This wine is available only at Tassel Ridge Winery. Another idea is one of our nine different rosé wines. They differ in sweetness and flavors but they are all very popular. (See below for descriptions of all of these wines.)

May is Iowa Wine Month when we celebrate the nearly 100 Iowa wineries and their contribution to our quality of life. It is also the time of year when the weather finally gets warm and sitting outside and sipping a well-chilled bottle of pink wine is extremely pleasant.

Here are our nine different rosé wines presented in order with the driest first and getting progressively sweeter (these wines should all be served chilled):

2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé—a dry rosé with strawberry, raspberry, peach, and nectarine notes and a slightly drying finish.
American Pink Catawba—a semi-sweet fruity rosé with pineapple and other tropical fruit notes.
Oskyfizzante® Red—a semi-sweet, refreshing, fruity, fizzy wine with cherry and citrus on the nose and sweet cherry and candied fruits on the palate.
Sweet Roxie Red®—a semi-sweet, fruity red wine with cherry and green apple on the nose and cherry and plum on the palate.
2021 Iowa Steuben—a semi-sweet, light, fruity, easy-drinking style rosé with cherry and apple notes and a hint of cinnamon on the finish.
Oskyfizzante® Pink—a refreshing, sweet, fizzy wine with tropical fruit aromas followed by green apple and citrus on the finish.
Oskyfizzante® Cranberry—a fizzy sweet wine that packs a tart cranberry punch with a smooth and sweet finish.
Cranberry Wine—has the tart cranberry flavor with a smooth and sweet finish.
Rockets Glare Rosé®—a sweet rosé with cherry on the nose, bright red cherries on the palate, and green apple on the finish.

All of these wines are available at Tassel Ridge Winery and many are also available at some of our 400 retail outlets statewide.

Oskyfizzante® Pink, Oskyfizzante® Red, Oskyfizzante® Cranberry, Iowa St. Croix Rosé, Cranberry Wine, Rockets Glare Rosé, American Pink Catawba, Sweet Roxie Red®, Iowa Steuben


Our last gift idea is to personalize a gift basket. Good for any occasion, baskets filled with wine and wine-related products make memorable gifts. Make a special basket for Mom for Mother’s Day. Browse our Gift Shop and choose items that are perfect for the gift recipient(s). Prices and basket designs vary.