We are getting our harvester all cleaned up and ready for the Leighton Fireworks on Friday, June 30. It is always a fun time to be able to greet our neighbors at their annual event.

We continue tying up our new Itasca and Verona vines. They have now been in the ground for three years and trunks need to be re-tied to the pencil rod and the cordons need to be tied to the top wire. This will shape the vine so that fruit is exposed to the sun.

Assuming we can get a windless day, we are spraying herbicide at Newport Lane and at Tassel Ridge.

And, we are mounting our leaf thinner to a tractor and will be ready to start using it as soon as the canopy gets thick . . . probably in the next week or two. This task is somewhat daunting because there is a compressor that mounts on the back of the tractor and then air jets mount on the sides ahead of the operator so he/she can see exactly what is being removed.