This week, we started replacing broken posts in our Marquette blocs at Meadowcreek Vineyards. We also started pulling mulberry trees at Meadowcreek. We are making good progress on moving the water from our lagoons to irrigate the landscaping around the Winery.

As our vines sense the approach of colder nights, they start to shut down for the winter. At first, leaves start turning darker and then a deep brown-purple. Big winds will shake them from the vines in the next week or so. Then, our vines that had so many leaves on them will have just scraggly dark brown trunks and the nutrients in the cell walls of the trunks will descend down into their big root systems for the winter. Warming ground temperatures in the late spring will tell the vines that it is time to bring the sap back up into the trunk and out onto the canes at the high wire as the new season begins.