LaCrosse vines planted in June 2022 at Maple Woods Vineyard.

This photo was taken at sunset on October 1, 2022.  Our goal is to have vines reach the top wire during their first growing season. You can see that the short vine in the foreground didn’t make it but that the two big vines in the background were star performers. We planted 500 LaCrosse vines at Maple Woods this year and about 40% made it all the way to the top wire. When we prune in the spring, we will arrange to have arms growing in both directions from the trunk along the top wire.

We continue to replace posts. This week, the post replacement work was at Maple Woods Vineyard. At the same time, we are removing Mulberry trees at Tassel Ridge Vineyard. Most of the trees we are pulling have trunks of about one inch in diameter. We leave the trees in the vineyard rows and when we mow, they get chopped up by our mulching mower and become nutrients for the vines. We have backflow preventers in both the vineyard and on the water line to the Winery. They are being tested next week and the irrigation lines are being blown out for the winter. We are also pumping down our lagoons and are applying the water to the Winery landscaping.  And finally, our big Hagie sprayer has some hydraulic issues that we are trying to get fixed before we clean it up and put it away for the winter.