Tassel Ridge WinesAs spring with its warmer weather approaches, many people subtly change their eating habits. Winter foods tend to be hearty with stews and casseroles but by spring, people are eating lighter meals that include salads, Mexican foods like tacos and enchiladas, spicy Asian stir-fries, and a ham for Easter dinner.

All of the foods noted above are complemented with the lighter flavors in rosés. The nice thing about rosés from Tassel Ridge Winery is that you can select everything from a dry to a sweet rosé. All of the rosés offered by Tassel Ridge Winery are listed below in order from driest to sweetest. Since we are all different, one person’s idea of the perfect wine for a meal will frequently differ from another person’s preference, so plan on trying different wines for yourself.


  • 2015 Iowa Marquette Rosé
  • 2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé
  • American Pink Catawba
  • Oskyfizzante® Red
  • Sweet Roxie Red®
  • 2018 Iowa Steuben
  • Oskyfizzante® Pink
  • Oskyfizzante® Cranberry
  • Cranberry Wine
  • Rockets Glare Rosé®