Iowa Candleglow® White and Red, White, & Blue® both won Double Gold Medals at the Texas International Wine Competition. Blackberry Wine won a Silver and 2021 Iowa Petite Pearl and Iowa Sweet & Snazzy both won Bronze medals in the competition.

Iowa Candleglow White has won more medals than any other Tassel Ridge wine over the past few years. Red, White & Blue is our most popular wine. Blackberry Wine has also won several medals over the years. The 2021 Iowa Petite Pearl is new and this is its first competition. Iowa Sweet & Snazzy was introduced about three years ago and this is its first competition, also.

All of these wines are for sale at Tassel Ridge Winery. Red, White, & Blue is also available in about 400 stores in Iowa. Iowa Candleglow White, Blackberry Wine and Iowa Sweet & Snazzy are available but only in a small number of retailers.