If your guests prefer sweet wines, Red, White, & Blue®, Star Spangled White®, and Blackberry Wine are all very popular. Red, White, & Blue is also available in cans which can provide some entertaining flexibility.

White wine lovers like our award-winning Iowa Candleglow® White and Iowa Lace.

For people who prefer pink semi-sweet wine, we offer Steuben and eight other rosés.

Dry wine lovers will really like our new 2021 Iowa Petite Pearl, 2020 Iowa Reserve Marquette or our 2020 Iowa Harvest Red.

And, our four fizzy wines (Oskyfizzante® Iowa White, Oskyfizzante Red, Oskyfizzante Pink, and Oskyfizzante Cranberry) are all crowd pleasers, especially during the holidays.

All of these wines are available at the Winery in Leighton or at some of our 400+ retailers located all over Iowa.