We are well into the process of cleaning up the Macrobins and putting them away for the winter. We are also looking the harvester over carefully to find out what needs to be fixed so we are ready for next year’s harvest when it starts.

We continue replacing broken posts in the vineyard. We will mow when we can and we will start spraying our final fungicide of the season. That might seem counterintuitive considering the fact that harvest is done, but not only do we have to keep fungus off the fruit, we also have to keep it off the vines.

We received 2.25 inches of rain at Maple Woods Vineyard over the weekend. It will provide a welcome recharge of ground moisture at an important time in the annual cycle. While this year’s fruit is in the tanks fermenting, next year’s harvest is already being formed on the vines. The vines need both water and nutrients now in order to get buds started before the weather turns cold.