Marquette grapes on Friday, July 24, 2020 are about half-way through veraison. Now the acid level in the grapes will start to decline while the sugar level rises.

Veraison is an annual milestone in grape ripening. It is when the red/purple grapes change from a hard, milky-green to purple. That process started late last week in our Marquette and Frontenac. St. Croix, Sabrevois, and Foch will follow soon. Veraison also happens with white grapes. They change from a hard milky-green to a translucent, yellow. But, it is not just color that changes. At veraison, the acid levels start to fall, sugar increases, and phenolic compounds start to develop.

We are checking all trellises to make sure they are robust and ready for mechanical harvesting. We are also counting the vines we need to replace next year so we can get an order placed. And, we are getting equipment ready for harvest.