We always manage to break trellis posts during harvest and this week, we’ll try to get them all replaced.  This is just hard work. We have to dig the base of the old post out and we slip a new post down in its place. Then we fasten the trellis wires and if it is an end post, we drill and install the pin to fasten the horizontal member of the H-brace to the new post.

One of the irrigation pumps in the lagoon has stopped running so we’ll get that fixed. We will spray Tassel Ridge Vineyard with fungicide for the last time this season. We have already sprayed the other three vineyards. Then, we’ll get the sprayers cleaned up and put away for the winter.

Finally, we are deciding which cuttings to order for planting late next spring. We will get the order placed this week along with a 50% deposit on the cuttings.