Our vineyard manager continues to finish-prune on nice days. Fortunately, we have had several nice days recently. He is also using a new berm sweeper to remove pruning debris and dead weeds from under the Marquette vines at Meadowcreek. This will allow the herbicide that we will apply in another month or two to work better. He planned to bring the sweeper over to Maple Woods to try it out on the Sabrevois. He also is tilling up the rows where we will plant Foch later this spring. Normally, new or replacement plantings don’t require tilling the rows but in this location, we have some especially aggressive weeds we want to remove now while it is relatively easy.

Finally, he is getting ready to start interviewing prospective vineyard workers for seasonal positions in the vineyard. If you or anyone you know is looking for a vineyard position, please contact Amy DeBruin at 641.672.8443.