March will soon be with us and the weather will slowly begin warming up. The soups, stews, and roasts that seemed so appropriate when weather was really cold are beginning to feel too heavy and lacking in flavor. For many, this is the time of year that tastes change towards lighter foods including Mexican, Asian Stir Fries, Caribbean Jerk, and Indian Curries. Because these foods tend to be spicy, red wines are not appropriate because they tend to unpleasantly accentuate the spice. This is the time of year that aromatic white wines and rosés are particularly popular so our Wines of the Week will shift to pair with seasonally appropriate foods.

This week, the Iowa Candleglow® White is paired with a shrimp-pasta dish. As we get into March, the wine of the week will be a rosé that will complement the lighter dishes of spring.

Stay tuned!