We are continuing to tie up vines that have come loose from their trellis. The varieties include Petite Pearl, Itasca, Foch, Steuben, and Crimson Pearl. We are finishing spraying of fungicide at Tassel Ridge Vineyard and then we will clean up and put away the Hagie sprayer. Because the ground is so dry, removing Mulberry trees right now is difficult so as soon as we get some rain . . . ! We will also take advantage of moist soil to start removing some St. Croix vines that will make room for new vines that we will plant in the spring.

We expect to start pruning as soon as the vines go dormant sometime after the first hard freeze. We are also using our Weed Badger combined with herbicide to control weeds in the new LaCrosse block at Maple Woods Vineyard.