Because grapes have been slow to ripen, we will be at least one week later for the start of harvest this year compared to recent years and we are using the time to get ready. We will be picking samples for testing again on Monday. This is not just a matter of going out into the vineyard and pulling 2–3 bunches off. We need a more random selection so we take a berry on one vine, move a distance up the row and take another berry, then go the next row and repeat, etc. it is time consuming.

Normally, our first grape variety to ripen is Brianna and it is getting close but is not quite ripe yet. Now, we could use some warm weather….and no rain, please.

We have moved all of our Macro-bins back to the winery and have gotten them cleaned out. Each of these bins holds about 1,000 pounds of machine-harvested fruit.