Not a Margarita . . . but a Wine-A-Rita! All you need is the mix, ice, wine, and a blender to create a fun and delicious frozen wine drink. Enjoy with your 4th of July celebration! $12—single variety carton. $25—five-pack variety carton.

Wine-A-Ritas with Tassel Ridge wine recommendations:

Lemon Drop (NEW!) with Iowa Dry La Crescent or Iowa Candleglow® White 
Watermelon (NEW!) with Iowa St. Croix Rosé or Iowa Dry La Crescent 
Señorita with Iowa St. Pepin or Iowa Louise Swenson
Blueberry Pomegranate with Iowa Pizzeria & Pasta Too!® or Iowa Lace
Piña Colada with Iowa Lace or Prelude
Cosmorita with Iowa St. Croix Rosé or Iowa Louise Swenson
Wine Glacé with Iowa Edelweiss or 2022 Iowa Nouveau
Strawberry Mango with Iowa St. Croix Rosé or Iowa Candleglow White
Peach Bellini with Oskyfizzante® Iowa White or Iowa Edelweiss