We are watching development of the grapes very carefully with a focus on Brianna, Edelweiss, and Marquette. We do a full pre-harvest test using a rigorous sampling procedure weekly complemented by random sampling and tasting. When we see the three varieties mentioned above getting ready for harvest, we start looking at other varieties that have proven in the past to be ready next.

We are applying our last pre-harvest fungicide spray. This is intended to prevent powdery mildew and bunch rot which could cause big problems if it rains right before harvest or even if it just remains very humid.

Harvest equipment will be moved from the warehouse to the Winery this week. We will get our refrigerated trucks serviced, get the harvester all cleaned up, finish taking off all grow tubes on young vines, get our scale moved up onto the loading dock, and get all other equipment cleaned up and ready for the day we begin actually harvesting fruit.