This week, we are bottling a second batch of 2019 Iowa Marquette as well as Iowa Candleglow® Red. We will bottle both wines on the same day because the 2019 Iowa Marquette run is only about 50 cases. That will take less than an hour to bottle. The Iowa Candleglow Red will probably take about two hours.

With the 2019 Iowa Marquette, we will be paying very close attention to the SO2 level and also the amount of dissolved Oxygen in the wine. The SO2 is an antimicrobial and is therefore important for the long term life of this wine. Dissolved Oxygen needs to be kept very low on a wine that is likely to be aged because it can support growth of microorganisms that lead to spoilage.

Then, we will filter the La Crescent on Thursday and get it ready to bottle our very popular Iowa Lace next week.