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Cellar Updates

Oskyfizzante® Cranberry To Be Bottled This Week

The cellar team will bottle the very popular Oskyfizzante® Cranberry on Tuesday. They will be monitoring carbonation of Oskyfizzante® Pink while they also monitor fermentation of the Muscat that just arrived from California. Some wines need to be fined and we’ll get fining agents into these wines

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Cellar Team Finished Crush Pad Operations and is Now Focused on Making Wine

The cellar team crushed the Sabrevois on Friday and left it to cold settle over the weekend. This allows solids to settle. We racked the Sabrevois off the sediment and started fermentation today. We processed the Steuben on Monday and will allow it two days to cold settle

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Cellar is Now Focused on Harvest

On Sunday, we started harvesting Edelweiss and on Monday, we started processing these grapes. Processing involves: weighing in the grapes; running them through the destemmer-crusher; pressing off the juice; and pumping the juice into the tank in which it will be fermented. We can do all of the

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We Will Bottle American Pink Catawba This Week and Get Ready for Harvest

We will bottle American Pink Catawba this week along with lots of tasks that are small individually but add up to readying wine for bottling and getting the cellar ready for harvest. We will be transferring wine to empty tanks for harvest, filtering American Steuben after cold

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