We started the fermentation on the second tank of Edelweiss last Friday and added the lag nutrients on Sunday. We have totes each containing small batches of red wine (about 175 gallons in each tote) and we are punching the cap down in them twice per day. We also started fermentation of the Marquette component of Nouveau on Friday and will add the lag nutrients on Sunday. We monitored each of many fermentations and added a midlife nutrient to the Marquette, Sabrevois, and LaCrosse last weekend. We watch the temperatures on all of the tanks as part of our effort to monitor the fermentations. Fortunately, we can do this remotely. We finished fermentation of the Itasca and put it in the reefer to cool it down. It is in a holding pattern for now. The fermentation of the Sabrevois was really slow, but it finished and we pressed the wine off the skins and seeds.

The Steuben is ripening very slowly. The sugar level is lower than we would like.

There is more that is happening in the cellar, but this will give you a hint of the current pace.