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This Fizzy Wine is Great for Celebrations!

Oskyfizzante® Cranberry is great for holiday celebrations and toasts! It is a fizzy wine that packs a tart cranberry punch with a smooth and sweet finish. Serve it as an aperitif. Pair it with traditional holiday foods or enjoy it as dessert. Serve chilled. Oskyfizzante Cranberry is

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Pair Blackberry Wine with Cheesecake or Sweet, Fruity Desserts

Tassel Ridge Blackberry Wine is brimming with mellow berry flavors reminiscent of old fashion blackberry jam. Pair Blackberry Wine with cheesecake or sweet, fruity desserts. Consider serving it as dessert or sipping it whenever you are in the mood for something luscious and fruity. Serve chilled or

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Try Prelude—Serve It as an Aperitif or Pair It with a Salad

Prelude is a semi-sweet white wine offering citrus, pear, nectarine, banana, and tropical fruit notes. Prelude is made from St. Pepin grapes grown in Mahaska County, Iowa, and Muscat grapes. Serve it as an aperitif, pair it with a salad, or sip it on a warm afternoon.

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This Dry, Fruity White Wine Pairs Well with Fish, Chicken, or Pork

Iowa Candleglow® White is a dry, fruity white with pineapple, pear, melon, and apricot notes on the nose and palate and a finish that hints of green apple. This dry white is made from La Crescent, Brianna, and Edelweiss grapes grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards.

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Grilling with Iowa Marquette

As you plan your holiday weekend grilling, consider adding a dry red wine from Tassel Ridge Winery to complement your steak and sweet corn. Iowa Marquette is the perfect dry red to pair with grilled meats. It is a big wine with cherry, blackberry, and spice notes.

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Celebrate Summer with Sangria!

Tassel Ridge wines are the basic ingredient in several great, refreshing sangrias that are perfect for hot summer days. Regardless of whether your preference is for a red wine or a white wine-based sangria, Tassel Ridge offers both the wines and the recipes to make great sangrias.

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Try This Versatile Rosé

Iowa Marquette Rosé is a dry, full-bodied rosé with bright cherry, strawberry, citrus, and peach on the nose and strawberry, raspberry, and cherry on the palate. Made from Marquette grapes grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards, this versatile rosé will pair with a large range of

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Try a Dry Red from Tassel Ridge Winery

steak and wine pairings tassel ridge winery

American Merlot is a dry red wine with red and black fruit and oaky notes on the nose. Deep in color, it has round, chewy tannins with intense flavors of cherry and blackberry and a finish that hints of oak, chocolate, and vanilla. Pair American Merlot with

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Celebrate the Holiday with Red, White, & Blue®!

Red, White, & Blue is a traditional sweet, Concord based-blend with strong grape flavors reminiscent of grape jelly. An outstanding sipping wine, Red, White, & Blue is best served chilled.  Red, White, & Blue is available at Tassel Ridge Winery and at some of our over 400

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Try Iowa Cuvée 220 with Ham, Chicken, and Mexican Dishes

Iowa Cuvée 220 is a dry, light red with cherry fading to strawberry on the palate and a pleasant, slightly drying finish with light tannins. A blend of St. Croix, Marquette, and Frontenac grapes grown in our Mahaska County, Iowa, vineyards, Iowa Cuvée 220 is a nice

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