We will bottle our last wines for this season: 2019 Iowa St. Pepin and 2019 Iowa Louise Swenson. Both of these wines are new for Tassel Ridge and we’ll be excited to release them in the Fall.  Batches of American Steuben and Cranberry Wine have finished fermenting. We’ll get them ready to bottle as soon as harvest is finished.

We are working on a new wine blend composed of Marquette and Frontenac. We are planning an easy-drinking “picnic-style” wine.

Several tasks related to getting us ready for harvest are becoming very important. Power washing floors and the crush pad, cleaning presses, getting the chiller tuned up and running at full capacity, and ordering final quantities of yeasts are some of the things that need to be done now.

Finally, our bottling line and labeler need to be thoroughly cleaned and put to bed for a couple of months. We will add some phosphoric acid to the cross flow filter to keep it in good condition until we start to bottle again in October.