We are doing lots of checks on wine in tanks including for dissolved oxygen and SO2 and we will make adjustments where necessary. We are starting to get ready for harvest by purchasing yeast, yeast nutrients, and other fermentation supplies. Other tasks for this week include moving bottles from our warehouse to the Winery to be ready for upcoming bottling events and topping our barrels. Our next batch of Blackberry Wine needs some work before we bottle. And, our last batch of Red, White, & Blue® for this season will be filtered.

Finally, we are finishing the installation of two 4,000-gallon tanks just outside the Winery. They are jacketed and insulated. Temperature control is provided by jacketing that carries the propylene glycol used for cooling the juice or wine in the tank. This supply has to be connected to the tank, and conduit for two temperature sensors per tank and two valves per tank must be run to the Winery, and then an expansion of our temperature control system must be installed. It’s very complicated but the work is progressing nicely.