We have several batches of Red, White, & Blue® in the works right now. Some are still fermenting and need additions of yeast nutrients while we also monitor fermentation temperatures. On other batches, we are ready to make the blend, and then cold stabilize the wine. On other batches, we are filtering and getting ready to bottle. We will be bottling Red, White, & Blue almost every week for the next 2–3 months.

Last week we tasted our 2020 Iowa Marquette Reserve and we were very impressed with the bright cherry notes on both the nose and palate. This wine was aged in one year old barrels that imparted rich whiskey notes to the wine. It is a very well balanced wine.

We aged our first dry red Sabrevois in the same type of barrels and the result was an awesome wine that will pair perfectly with a steak. I can hardly wait to try it from the bottle. Both wines will now be cold stabilized while we get labels written, approved, and printed so we can bottle the wine and maybe have it ready for summer grilling.