We are monitoring fermentations of La Crescent, Louise Swenson, and Petite Pearl and will add mid-life nutrients for the yeast in each tank. We are punching down the cap twice daily on our red wines. We are watching the fermentations on Edelweiss and St. Pepin (by measuring the remaining sugar in each tank) and it is apparent that they are pretty much done. We started fermentation of Foch and LaCrosse on Sunday. Our St. Croix was harvested on Friday and because the grapes have very thin skins, we allow the juice to settle for a few days before we rack the juice into another tank and start fermentation. The fermentation will get under way this week.

We purchased Petite Pearl grapes that arrived on Saturday and we’ll process them on Tuesday. And then, we process our Frontenac and Sabrevois later in the week.

Finally, we are carefully monitoring the Malolactic Conversion of the Marquette and will be taking samples to the Midwest Grape and Wine Institute at Iowa State University for another test to determine if the Conversion is complete.

We are approaching the end of the most intense phase of harvest!