One of the components of our Nouveau is Foch. We started carbonic maceration on the Foch last week and pressed it off skins and seeds on Monday. We took some Marquette and started carbonic maceration on Thursday of this week and will combine the two batches next week. We will finish the fermentation with a commercial yeast.

Both Edelweiss and LaCrosse were harvested last week. We allowed the juice from both grapes to settle and started fermentation this week.

We processed the Marquette grapes on Wednesday. Some of the grapes went through the Della Toffola Maceration Accelerator, a machine which we borrowed from Della Toffola to test it with Northern Climate grapes. This is a project that is being done with help from Iowa State University. They have designed the experiments and will do the testing of the fruit and juice.

It is extremely busy in the cellar right now with four fermentations going already and more grapes arriving almost every day.