We bottle our first batch of Iowa Sweet & Snazzy™ this week and a second batch next week. We will release this wine on July 5. It is a sweet fruity wine that is great for picnics and outdoor grilling. We will carefully measure the dissolved oxygen (DO) on this wine before bottling. If the DO is more than 0.1, we will run Nitrogen through the wine to strip out the Oxygen.

We have fermentations going on two batches of Concord and we’ll be monitoring their temperatures and adding lag nutrients when needed. We will start cold stabilization of another batch of Red, White, & Blue®. While we only use our presses during harvest, they must be plugged in and run for about 30 minutes once a month in order to keep batteries that preserve our programming charged—we will charge them this week. We are also working on a couple of new wines which we hope to release in late summer.