Fermentations of Iowa Steuben, Sabrevois Rosé, and Sabrevois Special (temporary name for a new wine) are complete and we will rack these wines off the dead yeast cells and grape solids this week. We will do the same with two different batches of Marquette. We will chill the American Steuben down and then add Cream of Tartar which will help cold stabilize the wine by removing the Tartrates. This process will take about one week.

We will add sugar to the Oskyfizzante® Pink and then filter this wine and we’ll start carbonating it on Thursday so we can bottle next week.  And, we’ll start fining the LaCrosse and St. Pepin.

Finally, we have some maintenance to do on our chiller piping.  There is a leak on one of the valves and once that is fixed, we’ll have our HVAC contractor back down to rebalance the propylene glycol in the chiller system.