One of the last steps in making a wine is to assure that there is little or no dissolved Oxygen (DO) in the wine. We will do a measurement on our 2021 Iowa Nouveau but just to be sure, we will inject Nitrogen into the wine and that will remove any dissolved Oxygen. We will bottle this wine on Friday. By running Nitrogen across the 2021 Iowa Nouveau, we will assure the freshness of this wine.

We will be performing the finishing touches to our 2021 Iowa Harvest Red, beginning the carbonation of Oskyfizzante® Cranberry, racking the following wines off fining agents: 2021 Iowa Brianna, 2021 Iowa La Crescent, 2021 Iowa St. Croix, and 2021 Iowa Steuben.  We will also make the final blend of Candleglow® Red and start cold stabilization of the 2021 Iowa Edelweiss.