After two very short weeks, we’ve got lots to do in the cellar this week.

We are getting a new wine ready for bottling. It is a sweet red blend that some people call a picnic wine. That will give you some idea of where you might use it. It will be called Sweet n’ Snazzy.  We are getting ready to cold stabilize it so when the wine temperature is down to about 35°F, we will add Cream of Tartar in order to remove the tartrates.

We are also getting Cranberry Wine ready for bottling. Actually, there are two wines involved: Oskyfizzante® Cranberry and (still) Cranberry Wine. We sweeten the cranberry, then filter it, and start carbonation of about 400 gallons of this wine.

We will be moving some 2019 Iowa Marquette from barrels to a stainless tank and 2020 Iowa Marquette into the barrels.

Finally, we will be cleaning floors in the cellar.