Our last wine to finish fermentation is Sabrevois and it is almost done. That is a big milestone for the season. We’ll be racking Foch, a batch of Petite Pearl, LaCrosse and La Crescent off yeast lees. Then, we taste and decide what the next steps are. One of the things we have to do is decide if we need to add fining agents to reduce the turbidity in the wine. We will also be blending the Iowa Nouveau from Foch and Marquette this week.

This is the time of year we make notes on the harvest and determine what we could do better next year. And, since it is both the end of the month and the quarter, we have reports to file with both the State and Federal Governments so we’ll have to gather our data and then make sure it all ties out. Finally, we’ll be preparing harvest notes on all of our wines.