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Tassel Ridge Finalé Bonbons Have Returned

The popular Tassel Ridge Finalé Bonbons are back. They are packaged in sleeves of four bonbons and in boxes of 15 bonbons. The dark chocolate bonbon is filled with a Finalé Raspberry cream and the light chocolate bonbon is filled with a Finalé Blackberry cream. Our bonbons

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2015 Iowa Nouveau is the First Wine of the Season

2015 Iowa Nouveau is a light and fruity wine and it will complement most of the dishes served at Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners. Although it is dry, it offers so much fruit that many people who prefer a sweet wine find it very appealing. The 2015

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Cellar Crew Finishes Fermentation and Shifts to Fining

For the past 3–4 weeks, the Cellar Crew has focused on fermentations. They are all finished now. All of our fermentations went well with no funky smells or tastes. Now, we’ve moved to the creative, sensory work of tasting and experimenting. The next step with each wine

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The Cellar Team Starts 2015 Off By Bottling 2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé

The cellar team is celebrating their accomplishment of bottling 16,015 cases of wine in 2014. That compares to 13,884 cases in 2013. There are 12 bottles in a case so that totals to 192,180 bottles for 2014. They will start 2015 off with a bang by bottling about

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